Webinar: How can insurance companies adapt to the “new normal” to optimize their hybrid workforce – and avoid their own big quit?

Most insurance businesses are effectively operating in a hybrid fashion since Covid-19 restrictions force most employees to work from home.

That’s not to say they necessarily operated effectively in a hybrid fashion.

Giving staff their own laptop and access to shared drives so they could continue to do their work remotely was ultimately just a hygiene factor. Insurance companies now need to ensure that their workforce is fully optimized, whether in the office, at home or elsewhere.

To give them the tools and technology to ensure they can both do their jobs to the best of their abilities and feel valued as employees.

In this on-demand webinar presented by Insurance Post in association with Hyland, a panel of experts discussed how insurance companies can maximize workforce automation to achieve the best results in terms of customer feedback, financial results and employee retention.

Among the issues that were discussed were:

In transition to a post-pandemic era, how can insurers meet new workforce expectations; and how has that changed over the past two years?

What threat does the much-heralded “big resignation” represent in the insurance sector; and how do insurance companies react to the possibility of losing their best talent?

What are the top workflow issues that prevent insurance employees from maximizing their time and effort? and how does this differ from service to service, whether underwriting or claims; business development or THIS?

What technologies and tools should insurance companies equip their employees with to make them more efficient and resilient in the new “hybrid” world?

What is the end benefit to customers if insurance companies can better optimize their hybrid workforce?

How should insurance companies measure success in workforce automation/optimization?


Kyle Blair, Leader, Global ISF practice, Hyland

Jennifer Francis, People Change Manager and OD, RSA

Dan Godfrey, Director of People Operations and Strategy, Aviva

Stephen Ralph, Product and Innovation Manager, Zarion


Kristan F. Talley