TotalBrokerage Streamlines Digital Workflows for Real Estate Brokers

By Riley Kaminer

South Florida and real estate go hand in hand. Despite some indicators that our real estate market may be cooling, median home prices are still up year over year in South Florida.

Given this environment, it’s only natural that South Florida is home to innovators working to create efficiencies in the world of real estate. One such company is TotalBrokerage, a SaaS platform for real estate agents.

Seven years ago, Michael Mosseri, software developer and Boca Raton resident, was approached by a realtor friend. “He had issues with the systems they were using to run their brokerage,” Mosseri said. Refresh Miami.

Mosseri understood the magnitude of his friend’s request and hesitated at first. But his friend’s perseverance prevailed.

“We ultimately decided to create a beta program and roll it out to his company,” explained Mosseri, CEO of TotalBrokerage. “And then if it did everything it was supposed to do, we would build a business around this product. And that’s what we did.

Fast forward and TotalBrokerage now has 15 full-time employees based in its Boca Raton office. Mosseri reports that their user base has doubled this year and tripled last year. Some of this growth can be attributed to the pandemic-induced home buying frenzy. But Mosseri notes that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”, emphasizing the idea that TotalBrokerage had spent years refining its product – and was ready to meet the surge in demand when it did. happened.

TotalBrokerage has developed a suite of tools to help agents and brokers along the home selling value chain. While TotalBrokerage doesn’t help find leads or build a client-facing website, it can handle just about everything else.

For example, TotalBrokerage has developed a robust suite of customer relationship management tools. “Once you’ve met someone and put them in our CRM, you never have to type their name again, throughout the process of working with that client,” Mosseri explained.

“So whether you’re sending them email marketing, whether you’re creating a deal for them to buy a house, whether you’re paying your agents for the deal, all of that data is a single, seamless flow across all of the platform.”

Another key aspect of the TotalBrokerage web platform is that it is a one stop shop for brokers. This is in stark contrast to other platforms, which require an API chain or automated connections that can easily break. This is a big problem for brokers because these data synchronization issues can directly affect their business.

Many features of TotalBrokerage allow brokers to take advantage of our increasingly data-driven world. Its reporting system allows brokers to analyze and evaluate their data and present their findings in customizable reports.

Looking ahead, Mosseri is excited to continue to grow the platform and serve the real estate industry. “I really want to make more people in the industry aware of the quality of our company, the quality of our products and the quality of our people, and show them what we can actually do.”


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