The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the United States

Looking at the number of road accidents that occur each year in the United States, buying car insurance is a very sensible and smart decision. But getting great car insurance for a cheap price seems next to impossible. That’s why we went ahead to find the best car insurance company that offers great coverage at an even higher price. We looked at the most popular insurance companies, state and local, and compared the best use cases.

Note that cheaper here doesn’t mean compromising on coverage or features. We compared the insurance policies and in which scenario or for which group of people the insurance would be most advantageous. So let’s take a look at the cheapest auto insurance companies in the USA

Cheapest car insurance company for first-time buyers – Geico

It is undeniable that Geico is one of the largest and most popular insurance companies in the United States. But here’s something you might not know; It is also one of the cheapest and most recommended auto insurance in the country. The average annual rate for Geico is only $354 and the average monthly rate is only $29, making it perhaps the cheapest national insurance company. It offers the lowest average annual rate in 21 states!

Not only that, but Geico also offers great discounts. It offers about 20 different types of discounts, including student discounts, veteran discounts, and more. This is one of the highest discount numbers given by any insurance company in the entire country. The Gecko is not only ideal for first-time buyers, but also for teenagers and seniors, as several surveys have shown it to be significantly cheaper than its competitors.

In conclusion, we would say that Geico is perhaps our strongest recommendation as it not only excels in price, but also in convenience and coverage.

Cheapest auto insurance for veterans and the military community: USAA

There is no other option to consider if you are a veterinarian or belong to the military community. USAA Insurance is one of the best policies you can get, with rock-bottom prices and excellent coverage, offering collision, comprehensive, liability and underinsured policies. In many states and surveys, USAA has the cheapest average annual and monthly rates, even cheaper than Geico.

But as we know, it is not available to the general public and you can only avail it if you are in the military or have a family member in the military. But if you do, then this is the insurance policy to choose.

Cheapest car insurance for bad drivers: State Farm

State Farm is a very popular car insurance in itself. The company’s average annual rates, as well as monthly rates, are slightly higher than Geico and USAA, making it a great option if you prefer State Farm coverage and benefits. But that’s not why he’s here on this list. State Farm is perfect for people who tend to dry out a little… ahem… rough. If you have a driving record that cannot be considered the cleanest, then State Farm would be the best option for you.

Any type of violation can and will increase the cost of premiums and insurance. Although it is inevitable, the best way to deal with it is to choose insurance where this increase is the smallest. For example, State Farm’s insurance price hike is the lowest for a speeding ticket. Other companies increase the cost to more than double what State Farm does.

Speeding tickets are very minor, but even when it comes to fairly large offenses such as DUI or even an accident, State Farm price increases are still below the national average. So choosing this company would result in better savings.

Erie is also a great option if you have a poor driving record. It offers very minor price increases and is also suitable for teenagers with poor driving records. The reason we didn’t put it in a separate category is because Erie is only available in 12 states as of this writing.

Cheapest local auto insurance company: Central Insurance

Not everyone wants to buy insurance policies from these big companies. Many people prefer local businesses and their prices. For this, you can choose Central Insurance. With an average annual rate of just $257 and an average monthly rate of $21, Central Insurance is the cheapest local insurance company in the United States. The only downside here is that it might not be available in your state.

Honorable mentions

They were the cheapest and most reliable insurance companies in the United States. However, some other big companies offer great coverage at a great price. Here are some of the honorable mentions:

Farmers: Farmers may not be the cheapest on the list, but they offer the most discounts.

Metromile: One of the cheapest and best options for people who don’t drive too much, as Metromile charges you per kilometer.

agricultural office: If you have bad credit and find it hard to get cheap car insurance, then Farm Bureau is the best option. This company offers great prices for people with bad credit.

These were the cheapest car insurance companies in the United States. It should be noted that this article shows general average data. The price that any insurance company will charge you depends on many factors. But this data shows an approximate figure that will help you get an idea. It’s always best to compare insurance plans yourself and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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