Tené Williams’ free e-book tells how real estate brokers

Beverly Hills, March 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LevelUp Advisors founder Teneé Williams and her team are guiding real estate businesses to financing with an online learning platform to help them become first-generation millionaires.

Listen to Adam Torres’ full interview with Tené Williams on Mission Matters Money Podcast.

What brought Williams to real estate

At the age of 19, Williams says she began her career selling cars, developing an ability to really talk to people, which she calls an essential skill for selling anything. Prior to entering the real estate business, she spent time in several industries, including insurance.

When asked to share advice on transitioning from one job or industry to another, she said, “Don’t just get the job you want. Don’t wait for the money work or don’t deal with the boss you don’t like. work with. You can make your own life doing what you want to do. Get yourself a job and don’t wait for someone to do it for you. you.

What inspired you to write your e-book, 24K in 24 hours?

Early in his real estate career, Williams learned to flip contracts. “I learned how to find private money, but I didn’t have enough money for installments,” she says. “I looked for courses that taught about buying real estate with no money. The courses (that) had a lot to do with how to buy real estate with no down payment and more. That’s as well as learned how to find a very good business and turn it over by finding an owner who must leave.

“If you own a real estate business, I found a way to get money without putting your money aside,” she continues. “This is the latest hack. My free e-book, 24k in 24 hours, will teach real estate professionals how to use trade credit for their business. It’s a hack that can allow someone to get trade credit and pay for things they can’t (otherwise) afford,” she explains.

What is LevelUp Advisors?

Williams founded his first company in Las Vegas, recalling, “It was a huge problem then to get a business license for my company.”

Over time, she explains, LevelUp Advisors took shape, helping businesses and real estate investors secure financing. The company’s e-learning platform educates “startups and scale-ups” through courses that help them solve the kinds of challenges any business can face.

What’s next for LevelUp Advisors?

Launched in 2020, Williams says the company is currently developing a cryptocurrency platform to further help business owners fund themselves. “We aim to recruit more counselors and introduce new courses,” she says.

Learn more about Williams’ journey and download a free copy of the eBook 24K in 24 hoursvisit https://levelupadvisors.com/p/tools.

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  • Tené Williams was interviewed by Adam Torres from Mission Matters Money Podcast.

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