Sensibill and Freeagent collaborate to provide accounting services to SMEs

Sensibill, the only customer data platform that enriches SKU-level data specifically for the financial services industry, and FreeAgent, provider of cloud accounting software for small businesses and accountants, today announced their partnership, helping over 110,000 business customers run their businesses better. expenses. Both award-winning companies will help small businesses and accountants automate and organize their finances, accounting and taxes.

FreeAgent recognized that its business customers needed a simple, user-friendly alternative to manual administrative activities, such as managing receipts. These companies wanted more automation, allowing them to spend more time managing their business instead of managing back-end operations. This partnership removes two common problems: 1) reconciling receipts with statements continues to be time consuming for businesses; and 2) manually organizing and filing receipts takes too much effort.

Understanding the issues small businesses face in day-to-day expense management and receipt tracking, the two companies have partnered to offer a more comprehensive solution. By leveraging Sensibill’s technology within the FreeAgent solution in a new feature called Auto Extract, small businesses can capture, organize and categorize their receipts, attaching them to corresponding bank transactions. This ultimately makes receipts much easier to find and reference. By extracting data from receipts, Sensibill and FreeAgent reduce manual entry errors, providing greater visibility and accuracy behind purchases while helping to alleviate the stress of tax season.

Roan Lavery, CEO and Co-Founder of FreeAgent, said, “Automation is at the core of our business, which is why partnering with Sensibill was a natural fit. Through this partnership – which powers our new Auto Extract feature – we aim to increase customer satisfaction and engagement, while making life easier for our small business customers and accounting partners. It’s great to work alongside Sensibill to help businesses rediscover their passions – without all the administrative hassle.

Danny Piangerelli, CTO of Sensibill, added, “By joining forces with FreeAgent, we’re eliminating the time and money companies have traditionally spent manually entering data into cumbersome, cumbersome spreadsheets and systems. . Instead, we provide item-level detail that allows for faster and more efficient expense management. Our combined technologies enable these businesses and accountants to do their business, anytime, anywhere. Together, we’re equipping small businesses with the right tools to run their businesses with greater efficiency, speed and accuracy – something that’s never been more important than in the current climate.

Kristan F. Talley