Pembroke tornado victims urged to file claims with their insurance companies

PEMBROKE, Ga. (WTOC) – It’s been more than a month since a tornado ripped through the Pembroke area, but those affected are still feeling the financial toll of recovery.

A Pembroke councilor is urging those affected to work with their insurance companies to find out why more help is not available for storm victims.

Councilman Johnnie Miller says the amount of uninsured property losses did not meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s benchmark for disaster relief.

He says that while FEMA, GEMA and the county have provided resources, he remains concerned about the ability of the city’s most vulnerable residents to recover.

While he praised the Small Business Administration’s efforts to help those affected apply for loans, he said some people don’t want to risk getting into debt again.

“It’s fear. We have a lot of retirees, a lot of people with disabilities, a lot of people on fixed incomes. They can’t afford to take out a $200,000 loan at their age and in this position right now because that they had their houses paid for and they were totally destroyed and what they built their house for in 1970/80 will cost triple now,” Miller said.

Miller calls on those in need of recovery funds to contact their state and federal officials.

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Kristan F. Talley