Letter: Greedy insurance companies are trying to kill Medicare | Letters to the Editor

Medicare Advantage plans represent insurance companies’ efforts to kill off traditional Medicare so they can make money from all seniors. As a doctor, I have traditional health insurance with both supplement and drug plans. I know it sounds a lot more expensive than Medicare Advantage plans, but I have free choice of doctors and hospitals. I am not limited by small networks and the need for prior authorizations. The healthiest older person may survive on Medicare Advantage, but once you get sick, you see the dark side. Isn’t it interesting that medical centers of excellence for many specialties, including oncology, are not part of the Medicare Advantage plan networks?

An even more insidious plan to take traditional Medicare away from us began with the Trump administration trying to turn our traditional Medicare into direct contracting entities. If your doctor is part of a responsible care organization, you can be transferred – without your permission – to the doctor’s responsible care organization plan, which is essentially a Medicare Advantage plan.

The health and longevity of the elderly depend on Medicare. Medicare is a great program that has been made more expensive over the years due to greed and the lobbying power of insurance companies. We need to stop the privatization of Medicare.

Pamella Gronemeyer • Glen Carbone

Kristan F. Talley