IOOGO’s CFO program and accounting services help business owners focus on what matters most

DALLAS, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — There comes a point in every small business owner’s entrepreneurial journey when they are forced to look in the mirror and decide if they are comfortable in chaos, or ready. outsource critical tasks to a team of seasoned professionals. Far too often, CEOs and business owners lock themselves into a stuck mindset by taking on tasks and initiatives that hijack innovation and growth. As brands and small businesses grow, so does the need for professional advice. IOOGOthe industry’s leading provider of accounting and tax services, is pleased to announce the launch of its first CFO program designed to catapult brands into a growth mindset through strategic business leadership.

Acting as a comprehensive financial institution for any business, the IOOGO team takes the brunt of CEOs and business owners, enabling them to refocus their mindset to usher in an era of sustainable growth. In a digital landscape awash with self-proclaimed gurus, IOOGO’s CFO program and proprietary accounting services provide a powerful roadmap to success rooted in strategic leadership, unparalleled experience and impeccable customer service.

IOOGO masterfully bridges the gap between professionalism and accessibility when it comes to onboarding a seasoned CFO. Designed specifically to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, IOOGO’s team of licensed professionals offers a multi-pronged business approach to support the management of day-to-day banking and fundraising to ensure sustainability.

Leveraging the skills and experience of the best in the industry, the IOOGO team helps companies not only manage their finances, but improve their marketing and sales initiatives, optimize processes to increase return on investment, provide financial reports and analysis to support decision-making, direct fundraising, and much more.

“We found that too many startups and small businesses needed more advanced accounting solutions to make better business decisions or take their fundraising efforts to the next level. It only made sense for us to expand our service offering and continue to be an all-in-one solution for businesses.” Kristy AlballeroCOO, IOOGO Inc.

IOOGO’s mission is to walk alongside like-minded business owners to cultivate a strategic partnership that allows owners to focus on what matters most, without sacrificing peace of mind. The new CFO program seamlessly merges with IOOGO’s accounting services to realize this goal-driven vision.

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IOOGO is a tax and accounting software and services company based in Texas. Founded in 2017 by Josh and Kristy Alallero, IOOGO simplifies business logistics to help busy people and CEOs focus on growing their business. IOOGO’s proprietary technology enables individuals and small businesses to offload their books, tax, accounting, tax planning, budgeting, auditing, R&D tax credits, and CFO services to business professionals. taxation and accounting of IOOGO.

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