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Sean Mooney

Daytona Beach, Florida – Insurance companies shift responsibility for replacing roofs to consumers after some receive a letter giving them two choices: replace your roof or lose your home insurance.

Typically in Florida, homeowners are told to consider replacing their roofs around 15 years old, if there is no damage; some insurance companies don’t even insure houses with roofs over 15 years old. But some homeowners with newer roofs are still getting letters from their insurance companies telling them to replace their roofs or they won’t be covered.

Change comes like SB 1728 advance in the State Capitol. The bill introduced by Sen. Jim Boyd (R-Bradenton), a former insurance agent, aims to limit the costs associated with roof damage claims. The change also comes as insurance rates across the state are skyrocketing, something insurance companies blame on roofers. According to John Carr, Vice President of R&R Industriesthe blame is really on the predatory entrepreneurs.

“There are roofing companies that aren’t doing the right thing,” Carr said. “There are good entrepreneurs and there are entrepreneurs who cause problems.”

But Carr says there are more issues contributing to a rate hike. In recent years, Florida has had to deal with hurricanes that have caused damage that some are still trying to repair. Carr said R&R Industries was all over the state after Hurricane Irma due to the number of homes it impacted; having brought down the center of the state.

“You can’t blame that on the roofing contractors,” Carr said.

Speaking of SB 1728, Carr described the bill as an “anti-consumer” bill, saying it will not only affect roofing companies, but also the people they serve. Under SB 1728, insurance companies won’t have to pay full replacement value for a roof if it’s beyond a certain age.

For Carr, this puts homeowners in a difficult situation because insurance companies will only pay the cash value of a roof, not its actual value, if it is damaged and past a certain age. . This means insurers will only pay part of the cost of replacing a roof, leaving the rest of the bill up to the homeowner.

“That’s why I say it’s an anti-consumer bill. It has nothing to do with us as entrepreneurs, you are hurting the consumer,” Carr said. “You’re going to have people who don’t have $9,000 lying around. And someone has to pay the difference.

According to Carr, roof replacements typically cost, on average, around $15,000 in areas like Daytona Beach. His business also received almost daily calls from homeowners who received letters from their insurance company.

There is also the question of what to do if your roof is under warranty. Some companies guarantee roofs for up to 20 to 25 years, but won’t replace or repair them unless something happens to them.

What if a consumer is told by their insurance company that they need to buy a new roof, but still have a warranty? Roofers probably won’t replace the roof in good condition, which means homeowners will still have to pay out of pocket.

Carr thinks insurance companies are asking for roofs to be changed early to avoid replacing roofs during hurricane season — if storms actually hit the state. He recommends that you have your roof inspected by a licensed professional, repaired and replaced if necessary. Carr says you should document any damage to your roof and keep it for your records.

He also recommends homeowners call their local lawmakers about bills that affect them.

Kristan F. Talley