HomeLight and National Association of Realtors Launch Black Realtor Program to Support Aspiring Black Agents

The program is the first of its kind, providing financial, educational and career support to aspiring black real estate agents to help them achieve high-production success.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 9, 2021 – HomeLight, the real estate technology platform that empowers people to get better results when buying or selling their home, today announced the launch of Black Real Estate Agent Program in partnership with the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), the largest and oldest minority real estate trade association in the United States. The HomeLight-NAREB Black Realtor Program – the first program of its kind in the United States – will provide financial, educational, and career support to aspiring Black realtors across the country, helping them achieve high production success.

According to the latest data from the US Census Bureau, black Americans make up less than 6% of all real estate professionals. The HomeLight-NAREB Black Realtor Program will seek to increase the number of the most productive Black agents in real estate, with the ultimate goal of helping improve homeownership rates for Black Americans across the country.

Under the program, HomeLight and NAREB will help cover most new agent onboarding costs up to $5,000, including pre-licensing courses, agent exams, and certain marketing and technology needs. Each participant in the program will be paired with an experienced NAREB Realtist who will serve as a mentor and advisor. Participants will also receive ongoing training and education beyond what brokers typically provide.

“Our goal is to drive lasting structural change by increasing access to employment opportunities as well as education about the impact of systematic racism on the real estate industry,” said Sumant Sridharan, COO of HomeLight. . “We are thrilled to partner with NAREB to offer this program to aspiring black real estate professionals. Together, we believe we can fundamentally change diversity and equality in our industry by increasing access to training, education and support for Black real estate agents.

“NAREB applauds and welcomes the partnership with HomeLight. Our association’s goal of achieving democracy in housing cannot be achieved without increasing the ranks of black real estate professionals. Agents are on the front line and introduce home ownership to potential clients. We are confident that this new program will not only equip Black American program participants with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to become top producers in their communities, but also significantly expand Black home ownership in their communities. said Lydia Pope, president-elect of NAREB.

Applications are open immediately. HomeLight and NAREB are actively seeking aspiring Black real estate professionals who are:

● Between 18 and 35 years old

● Interested in a career in real estate, but not currently established as an agent

● Willing to work with a NAREB broker for at least their first year in real estate

● Committed to spending five to ten hours per week working with mentors or undergoing continuing education

● Located anywhere in the United States

“In the wake of the 2020 racist unrest, NAREB and HomeLight have formed a working partnership to increase the number of Black Americans in the real estate profession. This initiative aims to close the income and racial wealth gap in the industry. Equally important, our efforts are aimed at increasing home ownership among Black people. Together, we are opening the door that would otherwise remain closed to black professionals and consumers,” said Antoine Thompson, National Executive Director of NAREB.

About HomeLight

HomeLight is a real estate technology platform that powers America’s top real estate agents, building the future of how people buy and sell homes. HomeLight provides a variety of software and services to buyers, sellers and real estate agents at every stage of the real estate journey, from finding a top real estate agent to accessing a network of cash buyers through HomeLight Simple Sale ™ and providing innovative financing solutions through HomeLight Trade-In™. Each year, HomeLight facilitates billions of dollars worth of real estate on its platform. HomeLight is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Manhattan, Scottsdale and Seattle. For more information and images, visit www.homelight.com/press.

About the National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) was established in 1947 to ensure the right to equal housing opportunity regardless of race, creed or color. NAREB has advocated for legislation and supported or initiated legal challenges that ensure fair housing, sustainable homeownership, and access to credit for Black Americans. At the same time, NAREB advocates and promotes access to business opportunities for Black real estate professionals in all real estate disciplines. NAREB publishes the State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA) report annually. For more information, visit www.nareb.com.

Kristan F. Talley