Heads of state demand hearing after health insurance companies propose rate increases

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Local and state leaders are calling for a public hearing after several insurance companies proposed double-digit rate increases for 2023.

According to the Attorney General’s office, the average increase request is 20% for individuals and 14% for small groups.

Attorney General William Tong was joined Wednesday by other state officials and health care advocates in demanding a formal hearing.

Tong would like the nine companies seeking rate increases to explain under oath why their rates are increasing significantly.

Some of these companies include Aetna Life Insurance, Cigna Health and Life Insurance, ConnectiCare, and United Healthcare Insurance.

Eyewitness News contacted all of these companies.

So far we have heard from ConnectiCare. They said in a statement that their pricing is based on multiple factors, including COVID impacts and the current market.

“So come before us and explain it okay if you have good reasons and these increases as high as 30% are defensible, come and defend it,” Tong said.

Proposal to increase health insurance tariffs

Kristan F. Talley