Five Important Factors Analyzed By Car Insurance Companies That Can Make Premiums Costly

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) February 25, 2022

Drivers who own a car have many responsibilities. In addition to driving the vehicle carefully to avoid any potential collisions, drivers are also responsible for carrying car insurance. The price of car insurance is determined after the car insurance company analyzes several factors. Some factors have a greater impact than others on the final price of an insurance policy.

The following factors can make auto insurance expensive:

  • The type of car. Drivers who own expensive limos, SUVs, muscle cars or hypercars shouldn’t be surprised if they pay more on their insurance premiums. Expensive cars are expensive to repair. In addition, recent vehicles are more expensive to insure. Policyholders who want to save money on auto insurance should purchase insurance for family cars that have high safety ratings.

  • The age of the vehicle. Although not luxury models, newer vehicles are more expensive to insure. The new vehicles are made with better materials and feature the latest automotive technologies. For these reasons, newer vehicles cost more to insure. Drivers looking to purchase insurance for a particular type of vehicle should try to purchase an older model to save money.
  • Driving record. An insured’s driving record is the most important factor analyzed by insurers. Drivers who have multiple tickets, at-fault accidents, or DUI incidents on their driving record will pay more for car insurance. In some cases, insurers may void the policies of drivers involved in accidents or DUI incidents.
  • Workplace. Insurance companies will be interested if an insured uses their vehicle to get to work and how far the workplace is from their home. Policyholders who work in a location away from their home will be charged more on auto insurance. Insurers consider that drivers who spend more time on the road are more likely to be involved in car accidents.
  • The policy itself. Policyholders who request high coverage limits, additional options and additional coverage will pay higher insurance premiums. Drivers can customize an insurance policy any way they want so they have the coverage they need and can afford.

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