Finance Lobby and its benefits for commercial real estate brokers and lenders

As the CRE (Commercial Real Estate) landscape continues to evolve, especially as its demands increase dramatically in 2022, various ways to meet its needs have swept across the industry. McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm, shares insights into current trends in commercial real estate. “Given the potential for transformative change [in a post-coronavirus environment]real estate players will be well served to take immediate action to improve their business, but also to keep an eye on a future that could be significantly different.

Finance Lobby has developed the leading market model for the commercial real estate industry. Conceived, designed, built and brought to market by a passionate group of high performing mortgage professionals, Finance Lobby drives a dynamic and more efficient process between commercial real estate brokers and lenders to respond to rapid CRE requests. countryside.

3,500 lenders and brokers across the United States benefit from Finance Lobby’s revolutionary commercial real estate financing marketplace, the CRE financing marketplace has already facilitated over $600 million in CRE transactions in the first months of 2022.

Benefits for commercial real estate brokers

Brokers will no longer be overwhelmed by a vast array of loan programs offered by thousands of lenders. They can efficiently compare multiple offers and compare them side-by-side to easily assess which offer is the best fit for their customers or needs. The highly intuitive feature allows customers to receive only the best deals to get their loans approved.

Once brokers have found their preferred lenders, they can choose to give them early access to their trades. Finance Lobby also offers exclusive access to their preferred lender, so no other lenders from the same company can price the transaction. This ensures a smooth and healthy relationship between the two parties, unless other factors are involved, such as a lender skipping the deal or failing to respond within a specified time frame.

Finance Lobby’s built-in chat function allows brokers to contact lenders directly once a transaction has been accepted, ensuring that all personal information and transactions remain confidential until the best lender is selected, while allowing direct communication to facilitate the transaction. This prevents brokers from receiving unsolicited messages or irrelevant loan offers, which makes the whole process extremely fast.

Benefits for Commercial Real Estate Lenders

Lenders will no longer need to waste so much time reviewing countless offers for various properties. Lenders who register on the platform are guaranteed to receive new transaction requests that best match their preferences, so they won’t need to waste time sifting through irrelevant offers on the platform. All the crucial details that usually make or break deals are laid out up front – this includes assets, sponsors, experience and preferences that often make or break deals. Lenders can also create up to four variations of their flexible quotes directly on the site so that brokers can choose from more variations and compare them with other similar loan formulas quoted.

Created specifically for the digital age, Finance Lobby’s online platform makes it easier for lenders to update their profiles (much like any social media profile) whenever their business preferences change. This feature ensures that the transaction types visible to lenders always match their needs.

Responding to Rising Demands with Digital Relevance

Creating a more transparent process for brokers and lenders to get the best deals for their clients is just the first step. With more and more borrowers enjoying the best kind of customer service satisfaction through efficiency and higher close rates, Finance Lobby continues to gain loyal customers. Using Finance Lobby as an online commercial real estate marketplace is effortless for all parties involved by simply using one platform to accomplish many necessary tasks. Deals are closed faster, customers are happier, and the gap between potential customers and empty spaces gets closer with each successful transaction.

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