Company launches mobile app for insurance companies

A technology-based company, Fastclaim Solutions Limited, has unveiled its new mobile app aimed at helping policy owners and insurance companies speed up the process of filing and responding to claims based on their different insurance policies .

Speaking at the launch of the app in Lagos on Friday, company chairman Effiong Akpan said the idea behind the Fastclaim mobile app was to address some of the fundamental issues plaguing the insurance industry. .

He said the app would significantly address the challenges associated with making claims and responding to those claims with the urgency traditionally demanded by policyholders.

Akpan said, “Fastclaim solutions looked to the insurance industry, which we all know has not been able to take its rightful place in the economy and even in the space. financial. In other climates of the world, insurance companies own banks, but in our situation, banks own insurance companies.

“So that tells you something is wrong. The question is why? Why doesn’t insurance take its rightful place? There are a lot of issues, but what we can focus on right now is the issue of claims and the public perception that insurance companies don’t normally pay out claims, or even when they pay, they don’t pay on time, or the process is too cumbersome. So with issues like that, everyone tends to say “let me take and manage my risks myself” and hope nothing happens.

“That’s been one of the biggest issues plaguing the insurance industry. So, as a very forward-looking company, we sat down and watched it and thought, how can we help and we have developed a platform called fastclaim mobile app which aims to address some of these issues by ensuring that there is a platform in the industry that will lead to a way more efficient to handle the complaints and issues that I have spoken about.”


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Kristan F. Talley