Comedian’s video goes viral after Anthem denies stomach treatment

A video of a woman vomiting in the parking lot of an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield office in Los Angeles has gone viral on social media after the payor denied her coverage for treatment for a stomach condition.

Comedian Sandy Honig posted the video to Twitter on August 29, where it has already received over 858,000 views. In the video, she talks about her condition, gastroparesis, which paralyzes parts of the stomach and makes digestion difficult. She said the disease makes her vomit almost everything she eats.

Ms Honig said she had sought treatment by injecting Botox into the pyloric sphincter, a muscle that connects the stomach to the small intestine. She said Anthem BCBS refused to cover the treatment, so she decided to film the video to appeal the decision.

Video shows Ms. Honig vomiting multiple times in the Anthem parking lot on Burbank Boulevard in the Woodland Hills neighborhood.

“Nobody wanted to take my letter, but they said I could send it along with any relevant document,” she said. She then vomited into the empty envelope.

On Twitter, Anthem replied to the video and asked for Ms. Honig’s email so the company could “review this”.

Shortly after, Mrs. Honig tweeted that an individual from Anthem called her and told her he “felt bad” and was “looking into her”. She concluded by saying: “vomit on your insurance companies!

In other Tweeter on August 29, Ms. Honig said Anthem called a second time to explain why the Botox injection was not a medically necessary procedure.

“Guess now is the time for me to admit it’s cosmetic,” Ms Honig tweeted. “I just turned 30 and I want the inside of my stomach to look younger.”

“Our clinical team has carefully reviewed her case and our medical policies, and the existing medical evidence does not support the treatment she is seeking for her condition,” an Anthem spokesperson said. BuzzFeed News.

Kristan F. Talley