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AUSTIN, TX, October 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Complete Controller announces the launch of its new user experience, CAS-i (pronounced KAS-sē), a web portal that brings together all financial and back-office tools for its users to enjoy seamless integration and access. Leveraging Ping Identity for its Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), the company scaled its user experience to provide a single sign-on (SSO) environment.

“The company’s goal is to provide a fully customizable experience for its users, where they can easily interact with their financial tools and data or simply monitor the work we are doing,” says Jennifer Brazer, Founder and CEO of Complete Controller.

As a client accounting service (CAS) agnostic provider, Complete Controller is brand-neutral, allowing its customers to customize their platform experience with their own unique financial applications and solutions. This customization contrasts with other platforms that only facilitate seamless in-app access to their own proprietary solutions.

Jennifer goes on to say, “CAS-i goes beyond ease of use and transparency. By integrating application integration and unified access into our offering, we are positioning our business to better understand our customers’ needs and data. allow us to make valuable recommendations to our clients at the right time, which is of great value to our busy entrepreneur clientele.”

CAS-i stands for Client Accounting Services intelligence. Complete Controller plans to leverage data collected through its CAS-i platform to recognize changes in customer needs and make targeted, individualized recommendations, such as adding specific payroll, insurance, credit or business appraisal. Rather than relying on customers to self-identify, by using CAS-i the business will be empowered to deal with situations that the customer may not even know are imminent. CAS-i facilitates access, security, transparency, and actionable intelligence for the business, its customers, and their finance team members.

About Full Controller
Complete Controller is a nationwide SAAS cloud-based client accounting services company that provides accounting services, audit-ready records, unlimited document storage and performance reporting to small businesses, households, trusts and their CPAs. Founder and CEO Jennifer Brazer is a professional services virtualization pioneer and published author. She is a strong believer in financial literacy, entrepreneurial empowerment and cloud business strategies.

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