Buyside helps real estate brokers stand out from the competition by providing real-time data

Despite low inventory, the housing market is expected to remain strong in 2021 due to low mortgage rates. And with this real estate boom, there will be even more questions from landlords who want to know their housing options. Real estate brokers need to be able to effectively target these clients so they can close deals quickly.

Many real estate professionals ignore the seller’s advance. But leads from real estate sellers are important because they represent commodities for brokers. After all, they are the first step to potentially acquiring a deal.

Buyside is a marketing and data analytics company that provides consumer-facing tools aimed at giving buyers full transparency. The company integrates with an existing brokerage website to provide homeowners with three ratings as well as an overview of the number of potential home buyers actively looking for a property like theirs. Using this data, Buyside helps brokers generate and capture sales leads.

Buyside leverages technology by providing a search experience for potential homeowners that provides appraisals, buyer demand data and their property’s equity along with refi options, leading to high leads. quality for real estate brokers.

“The goal is to use real-time data and insights to educate consumers about their opportunities, and also help capture and optimize those consumer opportunities for real estate agents.“Charles said Williams, founder and CEO of Buyside.

With this real estate marketing software, brokers receive a list of buyers actively working with their brokerage, which they can show to potential owners. By providing real-time buyer data to real estate brokers, they are able to stand out from the competition.

One of the biggest mistakes housing professionals make is not keeping in touch with past clients. Buyside is working to remedy this problem by sending automated monthly reports to past customers. These campaigns provide monthly rating changes, so the agent is on top when the customer needs professional services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many real estate professionals have seen their portfolios take a hit. Buyside works as a solution to this problem. The marketing company helps agents reach customers effectively by providing relevant information and data, to help potential owners understand their options and agents close deals.

“Buyside sees an average of 25% of each review cycle resulting in a completed lead form and an average close rate of 6%,” Williams said. “Our lead conversions and utilization rates are high, and we pride ourselves on keeping it simple and going above and beyond our support and training resources.”

Charles Williams, Founder and CEO

A third-generation real estate professional, Charles Williams is the visionary behind Buyside, a real estate analytics and marketing company that provides aggregate consumer business to brokers, lenders and other service businesses.


Ashley Terrell, Executive Vice President, Partnerships

Ashley Terrell oversees Buyside’s business operations and industry relations, and has extensive experience working with top real estate franchises, brokerages and lenders on their technology and growth strategy.

Kristan F. Talley