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Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight – Busy Bee Accounting Services

OAKHURST, California—Here is some background on Busy Bee Accounting Services, Inc.., one of the newest members of the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce.

When did you start your business? In its original form, Busy Bee Bookkeeping was started in 2005 with an accountant, since then it has evolved and grown into Busy Bee Accounting Services Inc.

Where is it located and what area do you serve? Our office is located at 40011 Indian Springs Rd at the corner of School Rd in Oakhurst. We serve our local mountain communities as well as customers across California and 7 other states.

How many employees do you have? To date, we officially have a hive (or team) of 8.

What services do you offer? In general, our services include personal and business taxes, payroll and bookkeeping. Our office takes great pride in being able to meet the needs of our clients independently with a wide list of professional and personal services. Please visit our website at www.busybeeaccounting.com for a complete list of these services.

Who is your typical client/customer? We specialize in helping small businesses succeed. With our combined training and experience, we help our clients comply with government entities (IRS, State of California) and become a more profitable business. Helping our customers succeed enables us to succeed and, in turn, makes the community we live/work in strong and healthy.

Are you accepting new clients/clients? Currently we are accepting new clients and are grateful to be able to grow with our growing client list.

The current Busy Bee team.

Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions are available? We are currently open to hiring another accountant. Previous accounting experience is not a requirement, but experience in a related industry or accounting is a plus. The role comes with flexibility, the ability to switch to working from home, and a great support team.

Are you or are you ready to get involved in Chamber activities? Which? Busy Bee Accounting is currently actively involved in many local non-profit and community events. We are looking to play a bigger role with the Chamber and have already signed up as a sponsor of the Fall Festival.

What are your business goals for the rest of 2022 and into 2023? As we wrap up the 2021 tax season, our focus is on the upcoming 2022 tax season. Each tax season has brought us new business and new clients to help. We are preparing with our training on tax updates and have hired a new tax administrator to face the growth to come. Our goal is to continue to provide reliable and affordable support to our mountain community.

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Kristan F. Talley