Best Insurance Companies for Beauticians in 2022

NACAMS ASCP The Hartford Next Beauty & Bodywork Three insurances
AM Best A+ A- A+ A- A+ A++
Complaints Much less than expected Less than expected Much less than expected Much less than expected Much less than expected More than planned
Home Insurance Nope Yes Yes Yes Limit Yes
Online purchase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Nope
Billing options Monthly Quarterly 10 monthly payments Monthly with two down payments Annually Monthly
Global Limits $3 million $6 million Varied Varied $3 million $10 million
Event/Claims made Occurrence Occurrence Both Both Claims made Claims made

Occurrence form policies are preferred because they provide more protection. If a customer were to take legal action against you after your policy expired, you would not be covered by a loss policy, even if the incident occurred while you had insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best beautician insurance?

The best esthetician insurance for you will depend on your coverage needs. A good policy will include professional and general liability insurance, but you may also need additional coverage, such as commercial auto insurance or business personal property insurance. When choosing an insurance company, make sure the coverage you need is available.

All things being equal, you should choose an occurrence form policy over a claim policy because a claim policy can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits after your policy expires. But if you have budget concerns or need coverage not offered by incident form companies, you can ultimately choose a claims-based policy.

The best beautician insurance for you will also depend on where you work and whether or not there are employees. Some policies follow you wherever you work, while others require a permanent place of business. And if you have employees, you’ll probably want to choose a company that offers workers’ compensation insurance.

What kind of insurance does a beautician need?

General liability and professional liability insurance are essential for beauticians. If you own or lease equipment to provide your services, you will also want coverage for company personal property. If you drive to your customers, you will need commercial auto coverage. And if you have employees, you’ll probably need workers’ compensation insurance. Business income insurance is also useful – it covers loss of income if you have to stop your activities for a covered reason – but it is not absolutely necessary.

What is liability coverage?

Liability insurance helps cover legal fees and judgments against you as a result of a customer’s legal action. Estheticians need two types of liability coverage: general liability and professional liability. General liability insurance covers claims related to bodily injury or property damage that occur while you provide your services. If a customer slips and falls in your facility because your floor is wet, their medical expenses would be covered.

Professional indemnity insurance helps cover damages and legal costs associated with lawsuits related to negligence, misrepresentation, injury or incorrect advice. So if a customer has an allergic reaction to a product you recommended and sues you for related financial loss, your professional liability insurance will cover you.

How We Choose The Best Insurance Companies For Beauticians

To determine the best insurance companies for beauticians, we collected 20 data points on the best insurance companies for beauticians by premium. These data points include:

  • Financial solidity
  • Cost
  • Policy Types and Features
  • Exclusions
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Online tools
  • Billing options
  • Coverage limits

We gave preference to companies with high AM Best ratings, a low rate of customer complaints, and those that offer coverage based on the date of the event rather than when the claim was made. Companies with high aggregate coverage limits, monthly billing, low premiums, online shopping options, and those that offer property coverage received improved ratings. To rank the companies we studied, we applied the following weightings to each customer-focused category:

  • Types of coverage and features: 40%
  • Financial stability: 20%
  • Consumer complaints: 25%
  • Online purchase: 10%
  • Billing options: 5%

We dug deeper into product and company specifics to determine which companies were best for which types of consumers. Through this research, we determined which companies offer the best esthetician insurance.

Kristan F. Talley