Apto launches online tool for commercial real estate brokers to assess their technology readiness level

DENVER, October 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new online tool from Apto enables commercial real estate sales and leasing agents to assess how well they are using technology to optimize best practices at every stage of the transaction process. Notably, the assessment not only measures technology adoption, but whether brokers are using technology to its full benefit in relation to these key operational aspects of their business:

  • Searching for data on people and properties;
  • Contact management;
  • Marketing of goods, including prospecting buyers and sellers or tenants and owners; and
  • Management of offers.

The self-assessment tool is independent of the software. In other words, the particular software or other technologies that brokers may use do not affect their scores.

The assessment tool ranks respondents on a scale from “unstructured” to “emerging” to “strategic” to “leading” in brokers’ use of technology, and not only assesses whether brokers are using the technology to perform manual or semi-automated tasks to increase their productivity, but also whether they fully utilize the predictive capabilities of technology to help them identify their next prospect or land their next deal.

The launch of the Broker Self-Assessment Tool on Apto.com follows the company’s first annual “Apto CRE Broker Tech Benchmarking Survey”, an in-depth survey of the entire population of commercial real estate brokers to benchmark the use of technology by professionals in 2021. The survey will be conducted annually, but brokers can use the online assessment tool to assess themselves at any time. The tool is available at https://www.apto.com/resources/tech-maturity-assessment/.

“The use of technology is reaching maturity” among CRE brokers

Founder and CEO of Apto Tanner McGraw, himself a former commercial real estate broker, said, “The use of technology by commercial real estate brokers is maturing. The average commercial real estate broker uses technology for about 64% of what they are capable of across the four workflow categories we track. . We view the score positively – it’s not an A to F report card. The fact is that just 10 years ago brokers were probably only using about 50% of technology capabilities.

“The biggest opportunities for brokers are to take full advantage of the technology available today – much of which is underutilized by even the most successful brokers – and to integrate and process even more data on properties, market and personal data to produce informative information.”

About Apto

Apto, the leading commercial real estate brokerage software company with more paying users than any other service, is the maker of Apto software. The company’s software was designed by and for brokers to help them close more deals and earn more money. Apto CRM database and transaction management software can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

Clients include thousands of brokerage firms and independent brokers around the world, as well as multinational brokerages CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, JLL, NKF and others. For more information, visit www.apto.com.

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