Aero Group is shaking up accounting services for Gold Coast startups –

The Gold Coast’s start-up economy is booming, with the glitter strip ranking fifth in Australia for starting new businesses.

As the city quickly becomes a globally recognized entrepreneurial hub, a Gold Coast accounting firm is shaking things up and offering specialist services to startups.

“Startups are very different from other businesses,” Robert Stott, director of Aero Group Gold Coast, told myGC.


“They’re typically pre-revenue or cash-poor, need a bit more guidance on budgeting and forecasting, and are more focused on raising capital, building an MVP, or R&D.”

Mr Stott told myGC that the biggest problem for e-commerce startups and customers is the lack of specialist accountants.

“Startups can’t afford the typical accountant, but need guidance and direction, especially in the early stages, to grow and get them to market,” he said.

“That’s where we can help. We specialize in the e-commerce and startup space, advising founders on exactly how to navigate this challenging yet exciting space.

“Having an advisor working with founders in a financial capacity to advise and guide them through the process is one of the best tools for startups and e-commerce businesses to break through that barrier and get them to the next level. superior.”

In a post-covid world, Mr Stott said focusing on future growth is one of the most crucial things for any business.

“Traditional accounting firms focus on back-end compliance rather than strategic growth of a business, but at Aero Group we are changing the way an accounting firm operates,” he said.

Guests can expect big bills, no fancy boardrooms, and, surprisingly, no suits.

“With an outside-the-box approach to any job, we work hard to satisfy our customers,” Mr. Stott said.

“Our business model focuses on a fixed cost approach. The client has certainty of what we are going to do and the process, how much it will cost and the resulting billing schedule as well. It gives them peace of mind and also allows them to be able to budget for that. »

Aero Group offers companies a one-hour complementary deep dive and health check to help companies get out of the crisis or even take it to the next level. You can get in touch by visiting the website, emailing [email protected] or calling (02) 7208 5065.

This is a sponsored editorial presented by Aero Group.

Kristan F. Talley