5Ws+1H: How It Works: Changing Insurance Companies Doesn’t Have To Be Hard | New

Insurance can be a problem for some, but knowing how to change insurance companies can be less of a headache.

Brandi Bryant, third-generation owner of Celeste Looney Insurance, said the reason people change companies varies by person.

“The reasons are as varied as the people themselves,” Bryant said.

Some of the reasons people want to switch insurance companies may be because they want to keep their local policies or bundle them with their other policies. The price and value of policies can also play a role if a person wishes to change insurance companies or agencies.

Bryant said that when it comes to independent insurance agencies, customers can purchase another insurance company to switch within the same agency by calling for a free quote. If people want to stay with the same agency but prefer to switch companies, they can simply walk into the agency and discuss the different company options and ask the agent to walk them through the process.

Bryant said they tend to get a lot of people asking for car insurance quotes. For automobile, a person will need to provide the agency with any automobile accident or ticket information. They will also need not only the VIN number or the make and model of the vehicle, but also the social security number, name and date of birth of anyone who will be on the policy.

If someone wants to change home insurance, Bryant said they’ll need the same basic personal information provided for auto. She said that the client will also need to collect a lot of data about the house, such as the size of the house, its age, etc.

Bryant said one of the biggest mistakes she sees is when someone changes agencies and the person doesn’t speak to the current insurance agent before making the move.

“That agent is there to take care of them, and they may have the answers to the questions they’re looking for, but they didn’t know their client had a question,” Bryant said.

Bryant said telling the agent ahead of time will also let the customer know if any other forms will need to be filled out. Changing at the time of a renewal is usually easier for customers, as all companies have different stipulations.

Kristan F. Talley